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Jul 16, 2021
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May 24, 2021


Okay guys so now here, and in this post i will be guiding you to Card Amazon Giftcards. without any stress or any difficulties . well this guide is my private method , Let's Go for The Tutorial.


=> First Buy Fresh CC From Shop/Trusted Vendors . I'm suggesting you use bankomat, techcarding and verifiedcarder.ws to buy Cc , You Can Use Any Bin .

-=>Connect Rdp/911 vpn (highly recommended)

=>Connect rdp/911 vpn same as Cc Owner State. If Cc Owner from Texas use Texas IP

=>Then clear History & Cookies (use jet cleaner / Ccleaner)

=>Go To Outlook & Sign up a new email (Don't Use yopmail or tempmail service)

If Cc owner name Collins Tagoe,use signup email like this [email protected]

=>Then Go To Amazon Create A New Account With The Cc Owner Details

=>Then Try Amazon Prime Membership With The Cc

=>Link Cc To Amazon then Cart A Product Below 40$ & leave for 48hours

Because with the newly opened account it's hard to do ...with the new account Amazon More Secured ;(

=> Then After 48hours just Login Again Use Same State IP

=>Now check out the carted Product

=>Type billing address as shipping address

Means ship the carted product to real cc owner address

=>100% Amazon will Confirm the order unless you use dead Cc

=> Then Just Surf On Amazon For Few min. And simply Cart More products(Dont Checkout)

=> Then Go to amazon e-giftcards

=> Choose e-Giftcard Amount Below 400$

=>Then Mail The Giftcard to Your email Address (use that outlook mail)

Hurrey!!!!! Now you'll Get Amazon E-giftcard you can sell it on paxful to exchange vs btc or buy product with the gift card
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