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The SPAM Ramen Burger Was Everything I Could Hope For BY food & drinks

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You can carry that chargrilled flavor with you wherever summer travels because to its unmatched searing capabilities and foldable design possibilities.
There aren't many outdoor equipment that are more crucial than the grill you select for your summer cookouts. Don't put it off any longer—three years ago, when that rust hole formed and a family of mice came in, it was already time to retire your old grill.
You're at the right place if you've already considered the advantages of an electric grill but still can't resist the allure of the traditional charcoal barbecue. Think about this, my case for why charcoal is still a terrific option, and my advice on selecting a quality grill.
Food cooked over charcoal acquires that traditional summer flavor associated with grilling. With the exception of smokers, which are in an other league entirely, every bite cooked over the radiant heat of charcoal is endowed with a smokey flavor that is unsurpassed by any other outdoor cooking appliance. From the time you pack the chimney until you shut off the vents, it can also be a lot of fun if you approach it with the correct attitude. Plus, those burning embers will always make for delicious s'mores.
Every time I cook with charcoal, I feel like a real grill expert.

Probably because starting one requires a little more effort and skill than starting an electric or propane gas grill, which both light up with a simple flip of a button. However, even a novice may manage it. (They claim your ego rises three times every time you obtain those burning charcoal briquettes.)

Can you use a charcoal grill?
When deciding the kind of grill to purchase, evaluate your top priorities. Does portability meet your needs? Which size is ideal in your opinion? Are you content with some trial and error, or do you just want something that lights up the first time? Think about the benefits of charcoal:

Great flavor. When it comes to grilling (or anything, really), this is my first concern, and the charcoal grill meets it. The question isn't whether you should buy a charcoal grill if you want that flame-kissed flavor, but rather which charcoal grill to get.

elevated temperature. Food cooked on charcoal receives intense radiant heat from the stack of briquettes beneath it. Gas simply doesn't burn as hot as charcoal, even though it burns cleaner. Choose charcoal if strong seas are vital to you.

Transportable. Most likely, you won't bring an electric plug-in grill or a gas tank to the beach or a park. Large charcoal barbecues and compact, foldable models are both available. You can barbecue if you toss a bag of charcoal in the back seat.

Some burgers wherever that's permitted by law.

first and foremost, safety
If you're seeking for advice on charcoal grilling, check out these starting point instructions and how to keep it hot. As usual, make sure to operate your charcoal grill safely and avoid burning charcoal indoors, even in tents. Burning charcoal releases carbon monoxide (CO), which can cause CO poisoning if done in a closed space. Cooking outside is much more enjoyable, so keep it there.

Additionally, just because you should, clean the dang thing—including the grates—after every usage to get rid of fat deposits that can trigger flare-ups.

Make room for your grill. I'm referring to the city's guidelines even if you don't live in NYC because this is the most densely populated area there is. It is recommended by NYC.gov to have a minimum of 10 feet of space between charcoal barbecues and buildings. (After that, just in case, always have a fire extinguisher on hand.)

Let me now offer my suggestions.
If you're looking for a portable solution, the Weber Smokey Joe Premium
With this compact tabletop Weber grill, you can cook up to five medium-sized hamburgers at once on a 14-inch cooking surface that is both manageable and spacious. This is a choice for the mobile, outdoorsy cook who plans to do a lot of camping, tailgating, or park grilling. Small or large, the technique of charcoal grilling remains the same, but if you're a novice just getting started, the petite Weber's compact size makes it approachable.

Check out Kamado Joe's if you're looking for a charcoal kamado grill.
Is it any wonder that so many charcoal grills seem to be inspired by the name Joe? Nope. However, one thing I know for sure is that Japanese-style kamado grills are a great choice for anyone searching for a new focal point for their garden. This heavy-duty grill, though more expensive than other charcoal-fueled choices, retains heat remarkably well and offers even heating and stable temperatures thanks to its cast iron elements and thick ceramic construction. Though it is not lightweight, this is a decent option for people who intend to barbecue at home—you won't be throwing this one in the back seat.

The Weber Original Kettle is a classic for good reason. Perhaps because of its straightforward but incredibly effective basic design, Weber has been one of the more well-known brands in charcoal grills since the 1960s. While the shape of this original kettle is similar to that of the original Webers, it has a few useful additions, such as hinged grill grates that allow the charcoal to be moved beneath and an easily detachable ash tray. This grill is an excellent versatile option because it is semi-portable due to its wheels and lighter weight than a kamado grill. Additionally, the price range is more reasonable while still taking into account better materials, so it ought to last you a few years until you feel like making another change.
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