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Eight Thoughtful Food Gift Ideas for Father’s Day by FOOD & DRINKS

Joker Stash

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Give your father a kitchen or outdoor appliance he will love to use.It's about time you started thinking about weekend trips, but not before you treat the dads in your life to a little something. June 16 is Father's Day, so there is still time for you to get something wrapped and mailed. This is a list of presents for the parent who appreciates a practical cooking gadget or gets excited about a delicious snack.

Screenshot (33).png

An excellent apron

Before going to culinary school and working as a professional chef, I had the most exquisite apron that I had ever purchased. It was more attractive than useful for cooking, even though it was from Anthropologie and had a floral design. Purchase a high-quality, useful apron for a father who enjoys cooking a lot. There are a variety of techniques, so you might want to take into account both their body type and what they like to make. For instance, I like the bib variety better. In addition, go for an apron with multiple easily accessible pockets and a strong canvas construction.

Pour-over coffee maker kit

I'll treat coffee as a food group until that point is decided because I'm quite sure there's still debate over it. Now would be a wonderful time to give your dad a pour-over coffee kit if he has lately come out of his Maxwell House shell and found the growing world of boutique coffees. Pour over is an exact dance of temperature and time, so it's even better if your dad is a scientist occasionally, or always.

Scale for the kitchen

Though practically every cook should keep a kitchen scale on hand, your scientific dads will need one to measure coffee grounds and water. This is the perfect illustration of what to get someone as a present that they will use frequently but would never purchase for themselves. Seek for one with a sizable weighing platform and a sizable display that can light up.

Sticks of meat jerky

I recommend consumables for dads who already have their kitchen fully loaded with the appliances and gadgets they need. If your dad enjoys cooking, there's a high chance he enjoys eating as well. Packable jerky sticks are one of my go-to snacks whether I'm spending more time outside or traveling. They are strong in protein to stave off hunger, the dried meat is tasty and shelf-stable, and the individual sleeves make it convenient to tuck into tight places like a pocket or backpack. I enjoy the Chomps sticks since they are available in several tastes like jalapeño or taco seasoned, in addition to beef, turkey, and venison.

Sauce for barbecue

We may associate grilling and barbecuing most with Father's Day because, by the time June arrives, all we can think about is burgers and grilled chicken thighs. Although barbecue sauce may not appear fancy, you can be sure that it will be put to good use, and Dad will be delighted with the present. Grilled pizza is a great way to enjoy this extensive variety of barbecue sauces, but you may also use the tasting points to choose the sauce that suits your dad's favorite grilling foods. I recommend Bachan's for a barbecue sauce that is sweet, garlicky, and full of umami. It has a somewhat thinner consistency than most BBQ sauces, so try a few different applications.

A class on cooking

Excellent for a beginner, but your pater will appreciate a special cooking instruction even if he is an expert chef. They're ideal for a quick social interaction, and at the conclusion of the session, you get to eat a delicious dinner. Not to mention, adult cooking lessons typically include wine at the conclusion. I advise looking into the extracurricular offerings of culinary schools (such as my former alma mater, ICE), as they typically offer top-notch ingredients and have competent instructors from the business.


Although a juicer is more of an expensive purchase, if your dad frequently visits the nearby juice shop, it may end up saving money over time. Select between a masticating juicer (also known as a cold-press juicer), which often retails for over $100 but may produce a more nutrient-rich juice, and a centrifugal juicer, which can vary anywhere from $40 to $70, depending on your budget.

A modern air fryer

Although air fryers aren't particularly new to kitchen gift lists, their designs are becoming more elegant, powerful, and user-friendly each year. It's time for your dad to upgrade if he purchased a little basket air fryer five years ago. Try one with two cooking zones and a window on the basket. Alternatively, if he is tired of the basket design, try the oven version this time. Your dad will have a gift he can enjoy all year round to start off the summer days, thanks to you.
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